Benefits of Sourdough

Benefits of Sourdough

We all hear that sourdough is better for us, but why? Here are some of the key reasons why sourdough bread is better for you than most other breads.

It can be good for your guts. Because sourdough is fermented, it has higher amounts of probiotic-properties which can benefit your guts. Sourdough made from fresh milled flours or whole grains are even better, giving your guts the extra boost that they need to help keep you healthy (Jessica Ball, M.S., RD 2023).

It  can help with digestion. While most sourdough is not gluten-free unless made with gluten-free flour, the fermentation process that sourdough goes through breaks down the typical amount of gluten in bread and helps in reactions to gluten. Sometimes, people who have gluten intolerances, can better handle long-fermented sourdough (24 hours) because of the gluten breakdown that has been done within the bread; but this is also something you should speak to your healthcare provider on if you have concerns (Jessica Ball M.S., RD 2023).

It can help keep blood sugars in a healthy range. Sourdough has a lower glycemic index than other types of bread because it is fermented. This means it doesn’t cause your blood sugar to spike as drastically as other carbs do (Jessica Ball M.S., RD).

It has more “good acids”. Lactobacillus is the good bacteria commonly found in sourdough. This leads to higher amounts of lactic acid which results in sourdough being easier to digest (Bakery Vancouver 2016).

It has fewer preservatives. True sourdough is made with 3 ingredients. Flour, water, and salt. In the fermentation process, sourdough produces acetic acid which is a natural preservative that helps prevent mold growth, especially in ideal climates. So there is no need for artificial preservatives that we find in commercial bought bread (Bakery Vancouver 2016).

These are just some of the many reasons that sourdough is our choice of bread!

Ready to get started! Here is a quick guide to creating and caring for a sourdough starter.



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