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Yes. If it fits inside, it will work.

See the photo gallery on the Goldie product page for Goldie's size specification and an illustration showing who popular jars fit in Goldie.

Goldie is designed to work internationally!

Goldie uses so little power (under 5W) that we are able to ship with a USB plug that works with a wide range of power regions: 100~240V, 50~60Hz.

You can use it with your local USB-to-wall adapter.

Goldie has an auto-warming switch in the back.

Slide it on (wavy lines icon) when you want your start to be in the Goldilocks Zone (75-82ºF). Turn it off (wavy lines, crossed out icon) when you want your starter at room tempurature.

When you slide the auto-warming switch to on, the bottom (gold) front lamp will turn on.


Top Lamp: Goldie’s top temperature light is always on helping you understand how your starter is feeling.

  • Blue when your starter is feeling chilly and sluggish in your cool kitchen.
  • Gold when your starter is just right, tucked into that Goldilocks Zone, healthy and active
  • Red when your kitchen has gotten too hot, overheating your starter and then exhausting it.

Most baker's kitchens are in the blue all year round. Goldie's job is to keep your starter out of the blue zone when ever you want active starter.

Live with these three temperature lights for a bit and you will start seeing the world through the eyes of your starter. You starter will become less mysterious and more dependable.

Bottom Lamp: The bottom (gold) auto-warming lamp is on when auto-warming is on. It is off when auto-warming is off.

Sourhouse currently makes both a Pint and Quart size jar for sourdough starter.

You can pick your prefered size on the Starter Jar product page.

If you have interest in any other variations, let us know via our Contact Page.

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