Bread Blanket Wrap Guide

Forget bread bags. A simple square of fabric like the Bread Blanket by Sourhouse  will keep your bread clean and protected.

many ways to wrap bread

Perfect for picnics and potlucks, use it as a table, ground cloth or toss it over a bowl of dough.

Unlike a bread bag, this simple square fits any loaf.

With dozens of potential ways to tie it, have fun wrapping your bread just so.

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The Swaddle

The Swaddle is great for oval, batard shaped loaves.

The Boule

The Boule is a charming way to wrap round loaves.


The Basket

The Basket is great for a collection of small breads like rolls or bagels.

The Baguette

The Baguette is a lovely wrap for one or more long loaves, like a well...a baguette.

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