There are 5 stages to baking a great loaf of bread. 

Before we can shape a great loaf of bread, we need to mix and ferment a great bowl of dough. This first proof (also known as bulk proof) is the most important step in bread baking - and, the most difficult.

Unfortunately, developing the eye and timing for a well fermented, “proofed” dough can take months (if not years) for us home bakers.

How can we all ferment our bread dough just right, every time…so we can start baking more confidently today?

The problem is not your dough, it's your kitchen. Kitchen temperatures are often too cold for bread dough, and more importantly, always changing - making it difficult to know what kind of schedule your dough is on. 

So, all you need to do is warm up your bread dough by about 5-10°F (3-6°C) and keep it there. DoughBed is designed to do exactly that.

Mat + Bowl + Lid = The Perfect Proofing Solution

DoughBed combines a warming mat, a glass dough bowl, and a cork lid to create an efficient warming solution. The dough bowl has a wide bottom so your dough is gently and evenly warmed to 75-82°F (24-28°C) by the mat below.

Cork Insulation Keeps the Warmth in Your Dough

The warming mat is made with cork to prevent heat loss into your cold counter. And it’s paired with a cork lid to keep the warmth in. It's designed to warm bread dough, not the counter - nor the air! 

Know When Your Dough Will Be Ready to Shape

With DoughBed, you will have consistent dough temp. This means your proofing time will always be consistent so you can confidently know when your dough will be ready to shape. 

Oval = the Best Shape for Dough Handling

The oval shape of the bowl is inspired by traditional wooden dough bowls. The open and shallow vessel is super pleasant and ergonomic for mixing, folding and kneading. The grippy silicone faces of the warming mat will help keep the bowl from sliding around.