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  • Our homes are too cold!

  • Goldie keeps your starter warm.

  • Easier, faster, tastier sourdough.

"Simple..Stress-Free...Gorgeous" - The Kitchn

"Like a beautiful little terrarium that coddles your sourdough starter..." - WIRED

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Sourdough starter is most active in temperature between 75-82ºF (24-28ºC). That’s just a little too warm for us humans! We like to live in cooler homes that make our starters sluggish and our baking even harder.

Goldie warms your starter jar to the “Goldilocks Zone” so your starter is active, rises consistently and produces deliciously balanced, sweet & sour bread...without warming up your whole home.

On-time, every time.

With Goldie, your starter’s rise time will be consistent every time. Planning your bake day has never been easier.

A small space for big jars.

Goldie is big enough to hold a quart of sourdough starter and small enough to find a home on any counter.

Bake your best bread yet.

When your starter's happy, sourdough baking is simpler and easier!

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Pair with the Easiest-to-Clean Starter Jar in the World

Meet your new favorite starter jar! Designed for sourdough bakers from the ground up.

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  • No more mysteries, no more mishaps!

    Simplify sourdough baking by letting Goldie keep your starter just right, without fear of disaster, clutter, or inconsistent results.

What’s the "Goldilocks Zone"?

Both yeast and lactic acid bacteria are most active between 75-82°F / 24-28°C. Put your starter into this "Goldilocks Zone" to rise more quickly, consistently and have that balanced, sweet & sour flavor that your friends and family love.

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Created by a pair of bakers.

We are sourdough bakers on a mission to help people make more sourdough bread.

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