Announcement picture of Sourdough Hope by Sourhouse

In 2020, we baked sourdough bread to cope, but, in 2021, we needed a bit more hope. So we set out to find the most hopeful sourdough stories in America and share them. 

We called the search Sourdough Hope and below are the five most hopeful stories of 2021. 

The Most Hopeful Sourdough Baking Stories in America - 2021

For Peter (the grand prize winner), sourdough is something that keeps his father from wasting away.

For Gina, each loaf of sourdough she bakes reminds her of the encouragement she received from a grandfather who passed away from COVID-19 in January.

For Dace, when COVID-19 made money tight a forgotten packet of dried sourdough starter that sat in an office for 10 years awakened and became a source of income and normalcy.

For Matthew, the bread they discovered on their honeymoon to Paris inspired a sourdough hobby in Alabama that connected them to a new community and founded a bakery.

For Maggi, separated from her niece halfway around the world, she stayed connected throughout 2020 by learning to bake sourdough bread together over Zoom.

Thanks to the brands and bakers that provided prizes
and helped make Sourdough Hope a reality.