Meet Goldie: a Warm, Safe Home for Your Sourdough Starter

We all know that if we want great bread, we need an active starter. Trouble is, sourdough starter is most active when the temperature is between 75-82ºF (24-28ºC). That’s just a little too warm for us humans! Most of us keep our homes cooler...maybe 68-70ºF (20-21ºC). "Room Temperature" makes our starters sluggish and our baking even harder.

Goldie elegantly warms your starter jar, bringing your starter up to the “Goldilocks Zone" of 75-82ºF / 24-28ºC - not too hot, not too cold. 

Active, Healthy & Reliable

When your temperature is consistent, your starter is consistent. Your starter will be healthy, rise faster, and be ready on your schedule.

  • "If you want to put your starter on a schedule that is ideal for you, Goldie is amazing!"

    ------- Paulina Muratore, @nokneadtoworry

A Small Space for Big, Important Jars

Goldie is big enough to hold a quart jar of starter, and small enough to find a home on any kitchen counter. But don't mistake Goldie for being demure, she will also hold her own next to your fancy coffee machine and keep your love for sourdough on the counter where it belongs.

  • "If you are looking to get more consistent results in your sourdough baking then this is the product for you."

    ------- Josh Axler, @jaxler12 & Artisan Avenue

  • No More Mishaps!

    Stop worrying about
    accidentally baking
    your starter in the oven
    (heaven forbid)!

  • Watch It Rise

    Observing your starter
    is the best way to
    get to know it.
    Unlike other warming methods,
    Goldie won't hide it
    from your sight.

  • Celebrate Your Passion

    Don't banish your love for sourdough
    to the cupboard!
    Be ready for all the questions
    about sourdough baking
    at your next dinner party!

  • Energy Saving

    Goldie does the job with
    less than 5W.
    Warm your starter without
    heating up your whole house.

  • Works With Your Jar

    Yes, you can keep
    your favorite starter jar.
    Goldie works with any jar
    that fits inside.

  • Works Internationally

    Our USB + adapter design
    allows you to use Goldie
    wherever you live.

Just Enough Warmth

All you need to do is pop your starter jar inside Goldie and flip the auto-warming switch on when you want your starter to be most active. You can always turn the auto-warming switch off when you want your starter at room temperature. 

Goldie tracks the temperature inside the glass cloche and provides just enough gentle warmth to keep your sourdough starter happy. Goldie will never overheat your starter. Best of can shave an hour or more off of the typical doubling time of your starter whether you keep it in the fridge or on the counter.

Just Enough Info

Goldie’s top temperature indicator helps you understand how your starter is feeling.

Without the help of auto-warming, most baker's kitchens are in the blue all year round. Goldie's job is to keep your starter out of the blue zone whenever you want active starter.

Live with these three temperature lights for a bit and you will start seeing the world through the eyes of your starter. You starter will become less mysterious and more dependable.

Just in Case - Cooling for the Hot Kitchen

What if your AC breaks on a hot summer day? Well we made the Sourhouse Cooling Puck to help your starter get back into the Goldilocks Zone. 

Just take a Cooling Puck out of the freezer and put it on top of your jar to cool things down while you are preparing your starter for a bake.

Goldie will provide just enough warmth to keep your starter from dropping below the Goldilocks Zone while using a Cooling Puck.

  • "I love my Goldie. I realized it has really helped me focus on my starter health and maintenance and to get to know my starter better than I did before."

    ------- Mike Hilburn, The Sourdough Podcast

Tidy Counter = Happy Spouse ;)

Goldie establishes a home for your sourdough starter in your kitchen. No more wandering starters and no more sourdough clutter getting out of control.

And if you live with a sourdough baker, you are about to get your counter (or your microwave, or you oven, or your cabinet) back.

  • "I highly recommend it! You can control your temperature, which is one of the biggest variables when making sourdough..."

    ------- Heather Currier, & The Sourdough Mama's Podcast

1200+ bakers rallied together to put an end to chilly starters in 2022...take a look at how Goldie got her start.