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Goldie by Sourhouse + Cooling Puck

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"Simple...Stress-Free...Gorgeous" - The Kitchn

Goldie by Sourhouse™ provides just enough warmth to keep a sourdough starter consistently in the “Goldilocks Zone” of 75-82ºF (~24-28ºC) where it is the most active and healthy, so bakers can bake their best bread all year round without warming up their whole house.

This product includes:

1 - Goldie by Sourhouse
1 - Sourhouse Cooling Puck
1 - USB to US wall adapter


  • just enough heat to safely warm a starter to 75-82ºF (~24-28ºC)
  • a small footprint with the capacity to hold up to a quart sized jar
  • an auto-warming on/off switch
  • a transparent, borosilicate glass cloche so bakers can see their starter from anywhere in their kitchen
  • a simple three-zone thermometer (indicated with blue, gold, and red lights) that helps bakers understand their starter’s behavior and anticipate their time to bake
  • a Sourhouse Cooling Puck for the occasional need to cool down a starter in a too hot room in preparation for baking.
  • USB plug
  • Works with any local USB-to-wall adapter
  • operating voltage is 100~240V, 50~60Hz
  • low energy use
  • food safe
  • water resistant
  • cleans up with a moist sponge, cloth or paper towel


Warming Base : ABS, Aluminium
Cloche : Borosilicate Glass
Cooling Puck : HDPE, Silicone, Super Absorbent Polymer

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W6.5 D5.4 H8.5in
W165mm D136mm H216mm

Cooling Puck
D3.3 H0.9in
D85 H23.5mm

Care Instructions

Glass Cloche and Cooling Puck are dishwasher safe.

For Warming Base, wipe with moist sponge, cloth, or paper towel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
I’m amazed by this product

Living on the coast in Northern California, our weather and temperatures are all over the place. I’ve been keeping my starter for the last 3 years and it’s always hit or miss. I started using the sour house yesterday and my starter has tripled in the last 7 hours. That has never happened before. Even under the absolute best conditions it maybe doubled but never ever tripled.

Absolutely love it

I love hearing this Desiree! Thanks for taking the time to share your review.


Brought my sad starter back to life

My starter had been languishing in the fridge for weeks with the occasional feed. It smelled like acetone and despite my best efforts, I couldn't get a decent loaf with it since the weather turned in the fall. Within less than 24 hours (and 2 feeds) in my new Goldie, it's doubling for the first time in months and smells fantastic. The Goldie's lid is easy to lift and it looks nice on my counter. It's got an even smaller footprint than I was picturing, which is fantastic. Really thrilled with this!

Great for home bakers!

Living in the Northeast in the winter (especially in an older house) means cold winters and often cold kitchens! I used to have to store my starter in the oven with the light on to keep a warm enough space, but have lost a few to accidentally starting the preheat without taking it out! Not only has the Goldie been great for keeping my starter active, but it is also saving us from accidentally cooking it! I will probably get this as gifts for baker friends.

Mona Donovan
Fantastic proofing container!

I've been plagued by the problem of temperature since I started making sourdough bread. This handy little device looks good sitting on the counter and it does a great job! I now have starter at the ready whenever I want to make bread. Definitely worth it.

Alex B
amazingly helpful!

really great to see a USB as compared to generally products which don't understand the principle. the quality is amazing, the glass is stunning and the temperature works magic on the sourdough! what was a pain became a joy!