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Silicone Marking Band - Multicolor (3-pack)

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A 3 pack of Silicone Marking Bands for Sourhouse Starter Jars.

Use them to mark the height of your starter in the jar, to judge the increase in volume and to help know when your starter is ready for baking.

Colors included in this 3-pack:

1 - Gold
1 - Blue
1 - Red

Available in sizes that fit Pint or Quart sized Sourhouse Starter Jars.



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Pint (fits jar diameter of) - 80mm/3.15in, Quart (fits jar diameter of) - 100mm/3.94in

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nick Johnston
I Love it ❤️

I brought this for my wife - she loves it because it is really easy the temperature is perfect and the sourdough rises nicely
I like the design

Don’t work on every type of jar

These marking bands seem durable and effective if you have a jar with straight sides; my starter jar has tapered sides and the band just rolls right to the bottom making them completely ineffective. Buyer beware.

Vincent Wenzel
Amazing gadget

These are the perfect gadgets to tell all my beautiful starters apart at first glance. Can really recommend this if you are using - just like me - more than one starter.

John Clifton
Sourdough Jar bands

I just started a new starter using these color rings for the task. They work great with the Sour House quart jar. The silicone marking bands work much better than magic marker lines. Magic marker lines seem to be erased during the process, but these bands stay in place. As my starter and dough rise, I remark the new level with a different color band. I am very new at sourdough making. I’ve only made one loaf, but I highly recommend the sour House Court jar and bands..

Brooke Glass
Rolling band

I believe these would be better if they were a flat band not round. They tend to roll down the jar. Especially the lower on the jar they sit.