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DoughBed by Sourhouse - Pre-Order

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Pre-Order now for estimated Delivery March 1st, 2025

Our second round of production available for pre-order now!

Expected fulfillment Feb/Mar 2025 (after our Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled).

Put bread baking on a schedule with DoughBed by Sourhouse™: A warm, easy-to-store tool for home bakers who want to confidently proof bread dough just right, every time. 

DoughBed combines a warming mat, a glass dough bowl, and a cork lid to create an efficient warming solution that gently and evenly warms dough to 75-82°F (24-28°C) during the first "bulk" proof. The shallow, wide bowl makes mixing and dough handling a pleasure.

Works with sourdough, yeast, and quick breads.

Included in the box:

1 - Warming Mat*
1 - Dough Bowl w/ Lid
1 - User Instructions

*Warming Mat requires a local USB-to-wall adaptor. Adaptor is not included.


  • Works worldwide with a local USB adaptor
  • Warming Mat features a tuck-away USB cord for easy storage
  • Pug and play gold light in front tell you it is warming
  • Borosilicate glass bowl is oven safe up to 550ºF
  • Cork lid features a removable plastic liner for easy cleanup.
  • USB Powered Warming Mat is the most energy tool for warming dough - uses 10W max!
  • Eco-friendly materials...mostly glass and cork!
  • Cork Warming Mat and Lid insulates your dough from drafts and the cool counter
  • Room to mix and proof up to a 1500g flour dough and let it double in volume


Bowl : Borosilicate
Warming Mat : Cork, Silicone
Lid : Cork, Polypropylene

Shipping & Returns

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Max Capacity 5qt / 5L

W 17.25in / 438mm
H 5.1in / 130mm
D10.5in / 266mm

Bowl + Lid
W17.25in / 438mm
H4.4in / 113mm
D10.5in / 266mm

Warming Mat
W10.6in / 270mm
D7.9in / 200mm
H0.75in / 19mm

Care Instructions

Glass bowl and polypropylene lid liner is dishwasher safe.
To clean silicone and cork surface, wipe with moist (not dripping) cloth.

Glass bowl is oven safe.
Avoid sudden temperature changes to glassware.
Glass bowl is not suitable for stove top use.
Avoid use of abrasive cleaning materials such as metal scrubber or powder cleanser.

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