Patents & Trademarks

The Sourhouse brand and products are protected by a variety of trademarks and patents.

Design Patents (3):

1) US Design App. Ser. No. 29/865,246 (Patent Pending)

2) Australian Design Patent Ser. No. 202310083 (Issued)

3) Hague Design Patent Ser. No. DM/227173 (Issued)
Designated countries: Canada (duration 15 years), Switzerland (duration 25 years), Europe (duration 25 years), United Kingdom (duration 25 years), Norway (duration 25 years)

Trademarks (3):

1) US Trademark Registration Ser. No. 7208890 (Registered) “SOURHOUSE”

2) US Trademark App. Ser. No. 97359409 (Allowed) “SOURHOUSE”

3) International Trademark Registration Ser. No. 1732689 “SOURHOUSE” Designated countries: Australian Trademark Number: 2361327, Canadian Trademark Appl. No. 2261335, Europe, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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