Easy Sourdough Pizza

Easy Sourdough Pizza

Sourdough pizza isn't really a style of pizza as much as it is a good life choice.

You can make any style of pizza with sourdough, and make it tastier, healthier, and with a better story.

Please geek out on the right baking temps, toppings and leopard crusts as much as you enjoy...but...here is a pizza secret for you: it is all good when it is sourdough pizza.

The easiest sourdough pizza is made by taking a bit of whatever ready-to-shape dough you have at hand, spreading it out flat, topping it as you like. 

Working with a bit of spelt, rye, or einkorn this week. Yum!

Who says an olive bread wouldn't make a good pizza crust!

Want to make a calzone? Just flip the half of your pizza over onto itself, pinch it closed along the seam, slit the top and bake. Easy!

Bake thin crusts pizzas it for 8-10min, on a sheet pan (covered with parchment paper) at the highest temp your oven can handle until browned and gooey.

For thick crusts and calzones, give it more time at a lower temp. Maybe 20-25min at around 450ºF / 230ºC.

You will soon be making extra dough every time you bake just to have extra for dough for pizza night.

You can leave the extra sourdough in the fridge once it is bulked to your liking for 3-4 days. It just develops more flavor. 

Do a quick final proof of balls of dough before flattening them or lay it out in a pan like you would make focaccia and proof till bubbly in place.

Eventually the gluten in these fridge doughs start to break down and flatten out a bit more when baked. Does that matter when making a flat bread? 

Feel free to push the time your dough stays in the fridge and find your own trade off of flavor and crumb.

If you need a basic sourdough recipe to get you started, you can find it in our Sourhouse Community Cookbook.

Happy baking!

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