When you close a jar with an air-tight lid, all the gas from fermentation will be trapped inside. This pushes down on your starter as it wants to rise. Our jar lid has built-in air channels that allows CO2 to escape even when you close it all the way. With a Sourhouse Starter Jar, nothing’s gonna keep your starter down.

Just Enough Info

Sourhouse Starter Jars have simple dots to help you track your starter double, triple (or even more!) Each side has different increments, so it’s useful both when you are keeping a small amount for maintenance and when you are scaling up for a bake.

Our jars come in pint size and quart size. That means our pint jar can hold about 200g of starter without spilling over when it triples. The quart jar can hold twice as much.

Completes Your Goldie

Sourhouse starter jars are the perfect companion to Goldie, our starter jar warmer. Not only do they look nice together, the flat bottom makes faster and more efficient transfer of warmth to your starter.