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Sourhouse Cooling Puck (3 Pack)

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What if your AC breaks on a hot summer day and you do see Goldie’s temperature lamp turn red? 

Well we made the Sourhouse Cooling Puck to help you get back into the Goldilocks Zone. 

Just take a Cooling Puck out of the freezer and put it on top of your jar to cool things down while you are preparing your starter for a bake. Goldie will provide just enough warmth to keep your starter from dropping below the Goldilocks Zone while using a Cooling Puck.

This 3 pack of Cooling Pucks allows you to rotate in frozen pucks to extend your cooling time.

Included in package:

- 3 Sourhouse Cooling Pucks


HDPE, Silicone, Super Absorbent Polymer

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D3.3 H0.9in
D85 H23.5mm

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe.

Customer Reviews

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Kathleen Kazemek
Cooling Pucks

Cooling Pucks are great!

Best Ice Puck for a Twin Wall Champagne Bottle Cooler.

I use the Cooling Puck in a Robert Welch 8/10 Stainless Steel 'Drift' Double-Walled Wine Cooler.
The cooler has a 100mm internal diameter.
The Cooler Puck has an 85mm diameter.
A 75cl Champagne bottle has [typically] an 80mm diameter at the bottom.
Plus, the top surface contour of the Cooler Puck is the ideal shape to fit into a wine bottle's base.
The silicone patch on the base of Cooler Puck also stops the puck from sliding around inside the wine cooler.
There is a 7.5mm gap all around the Cooling Puck to the wine cooler's internal sidewall.

No ice, no water, no mess - just perfectly chilled wine.

Marco G
Sourhouse cooling puck

Best company! I was missing an item and they immediately sent a replacement!!
Great communication! Will purchase from again!!

Great Addition to the Goldie!

Although in Alaska we may not have to use a cooling puck much, it is great to have a quick way to adjust the starter temperature when things do get hot (in the summer, occasionally they do...). I love that this is so well thought out for caring for your sourdough. Great system!

Thanks for giving the Cooling Pucks some love Karyn!

Laura Davidson
Unique + Helpful Tool!

Great addition to the Goldie, especially if you deal with warm ambient temps!