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USB-to-Wall Adapter - Type A (USA & Canada)

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A USB-to-Wall adapter for Type A sockets.

Works in standard USA & Canadian homes.

Works with Goldie's USB plug, allowing you to plug it into wall if you don't have an adaptor at home.


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1.2 x 2.4 x .82 in
W30mm x L61mm x H21mm

Care Instructions

Handle with care. Only use with correct plugs and sockets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jennifer Mcmains
So far so good. Fixed my problem with the Goldie

My 4 month Goldie started cycling through the colored lights and despite trying 6 different USB adapters, 1 completely new, with no success, they sent me their adapter and my Goldie works again. They should make their adapter part of the Goldie package rather than waiting for mine to stop working.

Kathleen Kazemek
Wall adapter

Great adapter. Works perfectly with my Goldie.

Donna Nelson Frager
USB Adapter plug

It made a huge difference.... now my starter is staying an even 77 degrees.

Liz Brenner
Goldie and USB-to-Wall Adapter

I received my Goldie and was very excited to try it! Wall adapter was not in the box. Sent a note to customer service who responded quickly and efficiently. I had the adapter in a very short time after and was able to use my Goldie! I absolutely love it! The temperature in our house fluctuates so much do to circumstances beyond control in our home. It is literally hot, cold, warm throughout the day. I was a frustrated starter maker. Since I've had my Goldie, it's been awesome at the very least! It worked miracles for me and now I have starter when I need it. Great product!

Patti Ivance
Super product!

Fantastic tool to start sourdough!